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1. Straight off the grill (aka Live Catering)

This service takes two forms:

  1. Taste of Lagos is prepared right in front of you, so you can say how you want it and how you like it – call it full autonomy.
  2. Already semi-prepared but the rest of the process will be finished in front of you. So in this instance, to order this service – you simply tell us the quantities you need of each thing and we will have pre-prepared that amount.

2. It’s all packaging (aka Pre-packaged)

Whatever you order will already be pre-packaged in Taste of Lagos’ original packaging and it will be delivered pre-packaged to your event.

3. Sharing is Caring (AKA Platters/Large Trays)

This service is for the smallest gatherings to the much larger celebrations. We offer Shawarma platters & large trays of our other food items.

Taste of Lagos is currently open to investment, sponsorship and partnership opportunities. If you are interested, please contact us on for further enquiries.


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